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The purpose of this page is to promote communication between funksters who are interested in trading funk-related materials. It has experienced very limited success. I've decided that listing the materials you have available is too cumbersome. Instead, I would ask that, if you are interested in trading, to send me your name, e-mail address, and the types of materials you have to trade. (Examples: Tapes, vinyl, live tapes, photos, etc. ) I will list this information on this page. If you are interested in trading, simply click on the name of the person you would like to trade with to e-mail him or her.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These tapes are not MY tapes. If you are interested in trading, contact the person whose name appears above their list.

Another good forum for trading is located on the Quasi-Official On-Line P-Funk Fanzine\Club Thang

And now, shake your booty for the tapes...


P-Funk Video:


10/31/76 The Summit,Houston, Tx. (85min.) EX
03/21/78 The Summit, Houston, Tx. (100 min.) VG
03/18/79 The Summit, Houston, Tx. (3hrs.) VG
1981      The Capitol Center, Landover, Md. (2hrs.) EX
1983      The Capitol Center,Landover, Md. (1hr.50min.) EX
04/01/84 The Summit, Houston, Tx. (90 min.)EX  b/w Sly Stone w/P-Funk in
Detroit (7min.) b/w 1979 Houston w/ Phillype Wynne (30min.)VG++
08/17/85 St. Goarshausen, Germany w/The Red Hot Chili Peppers (90min.)VG++
06/  /89 The Palladium, N.Y.C.(120min.) (Great picture but defect in
1989   St.Andrews Club, Detroit, MI., (120min.) VG-
1992  Osaka, Japan (100min.) Amateur shot from stage w/FoleyVG
09/21/92 The Ritz,N.Y.C., (120min.) Amateur shot from audience / audio defect

Bootsy Collins Video:

10/31/76 The Summit, Houston, Tx. (55min.) VG
7/  /89 Ariake Mza, Tokyo (50min.)EX 
11/10/90 Chestnut Cabaret, Phila., (98min.) Amateur shot from audience G

Brides of Funkenstein Video:

03/18/79  The Summit Houston, Tx., (50min.) VG+

Parliament/Funkadelic Audio Tapes:

1976 Richmond, VA., (90min.)SBD
1976  Mobile, Ala. ,(30min.) SBD
10/31/76 The Summit, Houston, Tx., (85min.) PRO VID
03/21/78  The Summit, Houston, Tx., (100min.) PRO VID
1976  Denver, Co., (77min.23sec.)SBD from CD"Rocky Mountain Shakedown"/or
      from the LP ,which has "The Undico Kidd"bonus.
01/01/78 Detroit, MI., (58min.51sec.)SBD from CD"Home of the Funk"
02/18/78 Capitol Center, Landover, Md., (62min.44sec.) SBD from CD"Get
1983  Beverly Theater,Hollywood, CA., (90min.) SBD  w/Loopzilla, and
      Standing On the Verge of Getting It On/Good to Your Earhole medley
1983 Capitol Center Landover, MD., (1hr.50min.) PRO VID
04/01/84 The Summit, Houston, TX. (90 min.) PRO VID
05/23/84 The Roxy, N.Y.,N.Y.,(150 min.) AUD
08/17/85 St.Goarshausen, Germany ((90min.) PRO VID w/ RHCP
1981  Dayton, Ohio (50min.) SBD
1981  Detroit, MI.,  (7min.) PRO VID
11/11/89 Redondo Beach, CA. (50min.) SBD from CD"Night Scene"
09/17/89 Ariake, Mza., Tokyo (73min.43sec.) AUD from CD"Cosmic Slop 89"
1989  St. Andrews Club, Detroit, MI. (120min.) Amateur VID
07/22/90 Montreux, Switz., (111min.) AUD from CD"Power Booty for the 90's"
1992  Osaka, Japan (100 min.) Amateur video
12/14/93 Caboose, MN. (45min.) (AUD DAT Clone)
12/30/93  Constitution Hall, Wash.D.C., (3hrs.30min.) AUD MM
12/31/93  Constitution Hall, Wash.D.C., (3hrs.25min.) AUD MM
02/15/93  Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Va.(90min.) AUD 2ND GEN 
02/15/93  Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Va.(2hrs.30min.) AUD 2ND GEN 
03/20/93  The Boathouse, Norfolk, Va. (2hrs.30min.) AUD 2ND GEN
08/30/93 Trocadero,Phila.,PA.(190min.)
03/10/94  Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, Va. (3hrs.10min.) AUD MM
07/04/96  Central Park, N.Y.,N.Y. (3hrs.30min.) AUD 2ND GEN
10/06/96 Gainesville, FL. (245min.) SBD 2ND GEN
04/20/97 Elmhurst College,(90 min.)SBD

P-Funk Related Audio:

Bootsy Collins:

1976     Dallas, TX. (8min.) SBD "I'd Rather Be With You"
10/31/76 The Summit, Houston TX. (55min.) PRO VID
07/04/77 Los Angeles, CA. (90min.) SBD
04/07/78 Washington D.C., (75min.) SBD
07/  /89  Ariake Mza, Tokyo ( 50 min.) PRO VID
07/22/89  Ariake, Mza, Tokyo (1hr.25min.) AUD from CD "I Wanna Be Kissin' U"
11/10/90  Chestnut Cabaret, Phila.,(98min) Amateur VID
Brides of Funkenstein :

10/12/78   Milwaukee, WI.,(35 min.) SBD
03/18/79  The Summit, Houston TX. (50min.) PRO VID


1996   251 Club, Tokyo, Japan  (90 min.) SBD
1996   The Flood Zone, Richmond, Va. (100min.) SBD

Outtakes,Demos etc.:

Parliament/Funkadelic "Toxic Slime "movie tracks (18 min.)
George Clinton guest D.J., on WBLS N.Y.,N.Y. 1984 (12min.)FM
Bootsy Collins: "Jam Right" (8min.) 2 takes on an unreleased song.
Bootsy Collins: "The All Bootsy Show"(90 min.) DJ's spin the funk for
Bootsy.w/phone interview.
George Clinton: "Hey Man..Smell My Finger" 1991 Demo (65min.)
George Clinton: "Hey Man..Smell My Finger" 1992-93 Demo (75min.)
George Clinton: "T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M."Demo (75min.)
Funkadelic : "By Way of the Drum" Demo (40min.)
George Clinton Budwieser commercial (1min.)
George Clinton on the Tom Joyner radio show (8min)
Bootsy Collins Budwieser commercial (2min)
George Clinton at CMJ Convention

Bootleg Vinyl:

George Clinton with Parliaments/Funkadelic/Houseguests & Friends "Vital
Juices:The Acid-Funk-Metal-Doo Wop Years 1958-1974 (43 min.)
George Clinton with Parliaments/Funkadelic: The Singles 1967-1971 (48 min.)
Pis the Funk (inst.)(5 min.)

P-Funk T.V. Appearances:

P-Funk Allstars ABC Independence Day Concert (8min.)
George Clinton  MTV News on the set of "Paint the White House Black"(3min.)
George Clinton on Video Soul 1985 (40min.)
George Clinton on Late Night With David Letterman 1985 (13min.)
George Clinton on Video Soul 1989 (30min.)
George Clinton on MVC Stars of 1989 (4min.44sec.)
George Clinton on Yo MTV Raps (19min.)
Bootsy Collins and Sherri Carter shop for shades (12min.)
George Clinton on David Letterman Show singing "(Not Just) Knee Deep"(8min.)
George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, and Bootsy Collins on BET's Our
BET's making of "Paint the White House Black" (17min.)
Dee-Lite on MTV Rio (11min13sec.)
George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic on Saturday Night Live 1985(8min.
/2 versions of "Do Fries Go With That Shake".
Bootsy Collins interview on BET's Video Soul 1989 (30min.)
BET's Video LP with Sherri Carter on P-Funk (20min.)
George Clinton on Video Soul for "Dope Dogs"1993 (38min.33sec.)
George Clinton & the P-Funk Horns w/Arsenio Hall Show Band (7min.)
George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars on the Arsenio Hall Show (45min.)
George Clinton on Video Soul w/ Donnie Simpson 1993 (25min.)
Dee-Lite on Saturday Night Live (8min.)
MTV News on Bootsy Collins (2 min.)
Red Hot Chili Peppers w/ P-Funk Allstars  at the Grammies 1993 (4 min. 48
P-Funk Allstars w/ Larry Graham at the Concert for the Rock & Roll Hall of
Fame (10 min.)
Bootsy Collins on Night Music 1989 (9 min.)
Slyfox on Solid Gold (3 min. 22sec.)
Parliament/Funkadelic's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame(10 min.)
George Clinton receives N.A.A.C.P., Award(12 min.)
PBS History of Rock & Roll # 8"Make it Funky"
George Clinton & the P-Funk Allstars on 0+>'s Paisely Park ABC show (5min.)
Bootsy Collins w/ Ground Zero on BET's Video Soul ( 30min.)
P-Funk Allstars on "Catch Up" Japanese T.V. (5min.)
George Clinton on "Slammin' Rap (5min.)

Sly & the Family Stone Audio:

09/01/69 Texas International Pop Festival  (45 min.) SBD

0+> (Prince) Video:

09/09/88  Westcalenhelle, Dortmund, Germany PRO VID EX from German T.V.(2
03/23/93  Radio City Music Hall Amateur VID CAM CORD

0+> (Prince) Audio:

09/08/93  London Club (45 min.) SBD
9/09/88  Westcalenhelle, Dortmund, Germany PRO VID EX from German T.V.(2
03/23/93  Radio City Music Hall Amateur VID CAM CORD09/08/93  London Club (45
min.) SBD
The Black Album (45min. 21 sec.)

D.C. GO-GO Audio:

Rare Essence  02/05/92 SBD (80min.)
"                1985  SBD      (26min)
"                1981  SBD  (15min.)
"            "   1985 SBD     (3min.)
"            "   1982   SBD    (5min.)
"             "  1983   SBD (36min.)
"             "  1981  SBD   (13 min.)
"             "  1981   SBD  (8min.)
"             "  1988   SBD  (80 min.)
"              " 1983    SBD  (15min.)
"              " 1984    AUD MIX (20min.)
"              " 1984    SBD   (2min.)  
"              "1997      SBD (37min.)

Ayre Rayde  1984 SBD  (10min.)

Physical Wunder 1988 SBD (40 min.)

Backyard  1996  SBD (30 min.)

Peacemakers  1982 SBD (24 min)

E.U.  1982  SBD  AUD (12 min.)

AUD = Audience recording
EX = excellent 
G = good
MM = my master recording
PRO VID = professionally shot video
P = poor 
SBD = soundboard recording
2GEN = second generation recording


Live in Houston 1976 (90 min)
     Prelude To Dr. Funkenstien
Cosmic Slop
Let's Take It To The Stage
Do That Stuff
Gammin' On Ya
Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
Children Of Production
Mothership Connection
Dr. Funkenstien
Coming Round The Mountain
PFunk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker (We Want The Funk)
Night Of The Thumpasourus People
Funkin' For Fun

Live in Houston 1977 (90 min)
     Prelude To Dr. Funkenstien
Dr. Funkenstien
Ride On
Undisco Kid
Children Of Production
Mothership Connection
Bop Gun (Endangered Spieces)
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker (We Want The Funk)
Night Of The Thumpasourus People
Live in Houston 1979 (50 min)
     Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)
One Nation Under A Groove
Mothership Connection
Mr. Wiggles

P-Funk All Stars  Capital Center 1983 (2 hrs)
     Walk On Down That Easy Street
Cosmic Slop
Undisco Kid
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker (We Want The Funk)
Night Of The Thumpasourus Poeple
Knee Deep
Maggot Brain
Don't Touch That Radio
Body Slam (With Bootsy)
Atomic Dog
One Nation Under A Groove

Bootsy's Rubber Band

Live in Houston 1976 (60 min)
Live in Houston 1978 (70 min)

James Brown

American Bandstand 1967 (10 min)
American Bandstand 1966 (10 min)
Ed Sullivan 1966 (10 min)
Ed Sullivan 1966 (10 min)
Hollywood Palace 1968 (10 min)
Hollywood Palace 1969 (10 min)
Live in Boston 1968 (2 hrs)
Live in France 1971 (70 min)
Live in Italy 1971 (10 min)
Live at The Apollo 1968 (50 min)
Midnight Special 1976 (4 min)
Mike Douglas Show 1970 (15 min)
Mike Douglas Show 1969 (75 min)
Mike Douglas Show 1969 (75 min)
Mike Douglas Show 1969 (75 min)
Mike Douglas Show 1971 (75 min)
Mike Douglas Show 1971 (75 min)
Music Scene 1969 (7 min)
Playboy After Dark 1968 (12 min)
Playboy After Dark 1969 (12 min)
Shindig 1965 (10 min)
Shivaree 1965 (7 min)
Soul Train 1972 (40 min)
Soul Train 1974 (40 min)
T.A.M.I Show 1964 (12 min)
Where The Action Is 1965-66 (2 hours)

Oscar Williams

JB-Man To Man-1968 concert special
JB-Mike Douglas Show 1971
JB-Boston Garden Concert 1968
Two JB compile videos of interviews and performances
Soul Power-Mix of 60's-70's r&b acts
Motown-1963 Motortown Revue at the Apollo, and TCB Special of Temptations and
Supremes 1968
Sly and The Family Stone on Dick Cavett 1970 & 1971

Richard Russell

Greetings, I'm interested in anything by the Meters or the related individuals

I have these to offer in trade (either DAT or cassette)

THE METERS (and related)

77/XX/XX  New York City                  90        Snd  Meters, Bottom Line,
     NYC, 4th gen. (Leo,George,Art,Cyril,Zig)
80/11/28  New Orleans                    90        FM   Meters, Tipitina's, 3rd
     gen.       (Leo,George,Zig,Sam Henry)
84/04/XX  New Orleans                    30        Aud  Metrics, (jazz) 1st
     gen, VG+ (Zig,George,Torkanowsky,2 others)
89/04/03  New Orleans                    45        Aud  Geo-Leo; VG, New
     Orleans jazz festival, 1st gen
90/04/25  New Orleans                    70        Aud  Funky Meters; VG- New
     Orleans jazz fest, 1st gen
90/11/18  Aarberg, Switzerland          120  D     FM   ", excellent,    .
91/12/XX  Aarberg, Switzerland           70        Snd  ", exc. (maybe FM)
     (Leo, George, Batiste, David Torkanowsky)
91/03/23  New Orleans                    76        Snd  ", excellent, 1st gen.
     Tipitina's    (Leo,George,Art&Batiste)
92/11/24  New Orleans                    90        Snd  ", 2nd gen, Tipitina's
92/12/02  New Orleans                    90        Snd  ", Exc., Riverboat 
     Hallelujah        (Leo,George,Art&Batiste)
93/04/02  New Orleans                    97        Snd  ", excellent; set II,
     2nd or 3rd gen.(Leo,George,Art&Batiste)
93/09/04  New Orleans                    90        Snd  ", Tipitina's
94/01/22  Austin, Texas                 102        Snd  ", excellent; 2nd
     generation         (George,Art,Batiste&Stoltz)
95/02/04  Baltimore, Maryland            94  D     FM   ", excellent; maybe
     best funky meters show I have. (soundboard?)
96/02/23  San Francisco                 135  D     Aud  Zigaboo Modeliste band
      at Pier 23, Excellent!; master
96/07/06  Sioux City, Iowa              120  D     Aud  Funky Meters, DAT clone

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